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Nick Romer (pictured flying the CAF's "Miss Mitchell") is a tax and aviation attorney, certified public accountant, and commercial pilot with over 35 years experience in legal, aviation, tax, and general business matters. Concurrent with practicing law and accounting full time he has been a Part 135 charter operator, CFI and MEI, airline captain, turbine aircraft owner, and warbird pilot, with over 5000 logged flight hours. He practices law while overseeing the operations of Romer & Company, a full-service CPA firm he founded in 1974.
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Most aviation-related matters will include FAR, legal, tax, and business decisions. When one consultant has multiple disciplines, the cost, inefficiency and perhaps frustration of getting two or more professionals to work together is avoided. Instead, one consultant can have a macro view of the client's circumstances and can contemplate the tax, legal, aviation, and business ramifications of pending decisions. If a CPA firm is needed to prepare tax returns or to provide accounting services, the CPAs of Romer & Company are available.
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No up-front retainers, minimum annual fees, contracts, or engagement letters are required to have an aviation lawyer/CPA a phone call away. A reasonable hourly fee is charged for time spent addressing client issues. If the client is an AOPA legal services plan member, fees may be reimbursed by the AOPA.


Call or email Nick with your questions and your contact information; he will either send you a reply email, or he will call you. He is available at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 1-800-836-0012 or 612-366-6342, including evenings and weekends.